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ANNOUNCEMENT: As of October 2020, “Charlie’s Matrix Auto Glass” has been evaluated and approved by the State of Arizona to provide auto glass (windshield, window, mirrors) repair and replacement, including window tinting for state agencies and coop members. Matrix Auto Glass joins auto glass giant Safelite Auto Glass (Safelite Group) in the state awarded contract. Read the press release here

Your Free Vehicle Assessment
Your Free Vehicle Assessment

Not sure if repair or replacement is needed? Matrix Auto Glass will come out to your location and provide a FREE assessment. We can review any number of vehicles, including fleets, to check for damaged glass (chips, hairline cracks, broken trimming, and malfunctioning windows) or discolored/damaged tint.

Arizona Cooperative
Arizona Cooperative

Run by the Arizona State Procurement Office, with over 900 statewide contracts that are available to Co-Op Members to buy from (get the same benefits as state agencies!). Benefits include: Participation in state awarded contracts, Competitively Bid Contracts, Identification of specific suppliers, items, and prices.

Buying Guide For Members
Buying Guide For Members

The Arizona State Procurement Office (SPO) has provided a buying guide for all State Agencies and Co-Op Members. Learn how to become a member, sign-up for SPO alerts, identify the desired contract (search: “Matrix Auto Glass”) and contact us to place your order. If you have any questions, you can contact us at (520)745-5253.

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We’re here to provide transparency and guidance, whether you choose us or not.

Matrix Auto Glass is one of the only local providers of vehicle glass and window tinting to the State of Arizona and its procurement coop members. We are dedicated to fraud prevention in any auto glass claims in Arizona, superior customer service, and we take pride in educating the public on windshield repairs.

We’ve collected some resources for you, should you need links to any of the state’s resources in the buying process.

We want to be sure to be as supportive as possible when your leadership and purchasing teams are reviewing options for chipped glass repair, replacing or repairing broken windows (and mechanisms inside), or any damaged glass as a result of a car accident.

Glass and window repairs are critical

Many of you are representing our non-profits, educational system, county, city, and state entities – including law enforcement, medical, and emergency response personnel. These first-responders and medical teams need vehicle glass to be free from obstruction or any damage that may cause visual impairment. Broken window gears, old/ruined window tinting, and other window accessories can also cause additional safety issues if not properly maintained.

Insurance coverage and payment options

Some glass repairs can be paid for by insurance policy (under comprehensive coverage), where the agency/coop member will only be responsible for the deductible. Typically, this does not impact your insurance rates because the insurance company does not view it as an insurance claim. Some insurance companies will waive the deductible if the auto glass or car window needs to be replaced entirely. Matrix Auto Glass offers offers multiple secure payment options including cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Not sure if repairs are needed? We can provide a vehicle/fleet assessment at your office, free of charge.

Please let us know if you would like us to review your vehicles and we can recommend if any of them may need immediate repair or replacement. Some may be a short-term need, while others can be delayed for repair in the future.

To schedule a glass assessment at your location (on-site), please call us at (520)745-5253 and one of our team members can answer any questions you might have.

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